Friday, July 11, 2014

Most Googled Cape Cod Artist and Photographer holds Reception and Show July 19th as Scandalized VA ex-gov braces for trial.

Cape Cod artist and Emmy-winning photographer Heather MacKenzie is preparing to hold a reception at Saltworks Fine Art Gallery in Orleans as more witnesses are added to the trial of former VA governor Bob McDonnell. The U.S. District Court will try and prove starting later this month that the governor’s position benefited his friend and former CEO of Star Scientific, Jonnie Williams, Sr., in the sale of his product Anatabloc. Heather MacKenzie is linked with the ex-gov through her painting entitled “Seals at Chatham Bars Inn.” The now-famous painting was for sale in a gallery when the then gov and his wife visited the Cape and allegedly asked Jonnie Williams to buy it for them. The painting was named in the indictment and Ms. MacKenzie first became aware of the scandal when her sister-in-law heard her name being read on the Rachel Madow Show. Heather’s reception for the show titled “Emergence,” is this Saturday, July 19 from 5-7pm in Orleans.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Former Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell has one of artist Heather MacKenzie's paintings

Watercolor artist and photographer Heather MacKenzie was mentioned last night on the Rachel Maddow Show as having her artwork owned by former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, after an indictement was filed. The original art was bought from the Nickerson Art Gallery in Chatham, MA, where Heather exhibited. She is now at Local Color Gallery in Chatham and Saltworks Fine Art Gallery in Orleans. Her website, sells the print the former governor and his wife were gifted, "Seals at Chatham Bars Inn." The original image size was 18x24 matted and framed.  The article averaged the prices from the website for an approximate price.

Perhaps the most eye-popping detail in the eye-popping indictment filed against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was what he'd need to forfeit if convicted. We decided to see how much it would cost to buy all of the stuff. 

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See 18X24 'Seals at Chatham Bars Inn' 10% under gallery prices.